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3 Communication Skills I Learned From James Bond

Posted on April 4, 2012 by Leslie Dickson

Here’s a simple equation that most teenage boys learn:

James Bond = Cool

Considering the Bond films are the longest running franchise in movie history, it’s hard to argue the character’s appeal. He’s suave, cool under pressure, deadly when needed, and of course, irresistible to women.

If only you could enter work with the bravado of MI-6’s top agent.

Now you can. We’ve discovered an arsenal of Bond’s gadgets that will make you a more confident and effective communicator.

#1. Body Language

James Bond’s body language always conveys power and confidence. No matter how dire the situation, he is totally relaxed. His posture is strong and open, his shoulders are broad, and he’s never afraid to look his enemy in the eye.

Would you take a nervous, fidgety Bond seriously? I wouldn’t.

Bond’s signature swagger is just as useful in the office. Powerful body language demands attention and respect. Show your personal power by standing tall, staying open, and walking with purpose. Hold your head high and look at people, connecting with friend and foe alike.

#2. Humor

Ok, we’ll admit it. Bond’s usual jokes are full of terrible puns and innuendo. Their true purpose, however, is hidden in their groan-inducing awfulness.

He never seems nervous.

Even with a gun to his head, Bond’s sense of humor makes the viewer confident he will survive the ordeal. He couldn’t possibly be worried, could he? See, he’s cracking jokes.

We don’t recommend jokes, but humor is a great way to convey your confidence and power.

You can curb your own tension during a business presentation by opening with a humorous personal story. It’s empowering for you because it’s familiar, and both you and your audience can relax knowing you don’t take yourself too seriously.

#3. Improvisation

The number of Bond’s initial plans to succeed is exactly zero. Without fail, Bond’s perfect plans are blown up through betrayals, villainous machinations, and a kidnapped damsel or two.

Does Bond give up or take time to complain about his lost plan? Of course not. He improvises and finds a way to achieve his primary goal

It’s a cliché, but the ability to “go with the flow” is crucial for leaders and other business presenters. As we teach in our Speak Present Influence workshop, scripted presenters fail to connect with their audience and often ignore signs of confusion. Likewise, leaders who remain overly dedicated to failed plans appear weak and inflexible.

A failed plan doesn’t have to be synonymous with failure. Keep your primary goals in mind and adjust accordingly. Your dedication and adaptation will improve your chances of achieving.

The gadgets, villains, and even Bond himself have changed over time, but these three basic characteristics are constant. Use them to become your office’s top agent. Though you may never prevent nuclear destruction or use a jetpack you can still walk, talk, and act like 007.

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