VoicePRO® LiveLEARN™
VoicePRO® LiveLEARN™

Executive Group Coaching Online

Executive Presence Training in a Group Setting with a Live Expert Coach

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No Webinars! These are Fully Live Coaching Sessions Online.

No need to get on an airplane, or take days out of your busy schedule, to get the training that is critical to your success. Choose from a wide variety of executive communication coaching areas, including:

We also offer the ability to explore your DISC profile to get the maximum impact from any communication coaching you choose – because knowing yourself is the key to being able to communicate effectively with others. If you’re looking to dive deep into your communication strengths and growth areas, we also offer one-on-one business communication coaching.
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These group LiveLEARN sessions support up to ten participants, giving the executive presence coaching a personal feel. The VoicePRO coaches will stock your executive toolbox with strategies and techniques to help you, and those participating in your online class, reach your professional goals. With a small group coaching session, we are able to focus on common weaknesses and strengths we see every day in the workforce as well as personally connect with each participant to help you with your goals for the class.

All you need to do is this:
  • Review the list of programs
  • Select the program(s) that best fit your needs
  • Purchase the program(s), and then register for the LiveLEARN Session

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