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Is Controversy The Norm…You Have A Choice.

Learn how to work through conflict with Listening

It is December, 2016 – one month following the result of our Presidential election. Based on the numbers, it appears that approximately 50% of the voting population’s candidate won. The other half lost. Half are in celebration and half are in mourning. The United States finds itself in an emotional upheaval due to the result […]

Executive Presence: How to Accept Feedback

Have you ever gotten feedback from someone at work that sounded something like this? “You ramble or get off point” “I can’t understand you” “You come across as too aggressive” “You don’t convey confidence” “I need you to be stronger” “I can’t understand your accent” “You said “ah” or “um” fifty times in five minutes” […]

Empathy: A Gateway to Understanding

I recently found myself sitting with tears streaming down my face, pondering the importance of empathy, after viewing a video that was produced by The Cleveland Clinic– it touched me deeply. Just what does it mean to have empathy for others? According to Wikipedia, Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced […]

Improve Your Communication Skills With Power Listening

Remember this feeling? You’re at a conference or a networking event, having a conversation with a colleague. Suddenly you notice his eyes have wandered away from your face, over your shoulder, to scan the room for other contacts. Or try this scenario. You’re sitting across the desk from your supervisor to discuss a project. Every […]

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