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5 Communication Skills Tips for Becoming a PowerPoint Outlaw

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Your PowerPoint presentation will be outlawed if a start-up political party in Switzerland has its say.  Okay, maybe they’re not really all that serious, but we appreciate the point of view at VoicePRO®. The group laments that millions of people worldwide “are obliged to be present at boring presentations” at a cost of billions of […]

VoicePRO® Launches Persuasive PowerPoint® Presentation Skills Workshop

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April 18, 2011 – Cleveland, OH – VoicePRO®, the nationally recognized communication training organization, has launched Persuasive PowerPoint® , a new two-day presentation skills workshop for advanced communicators that teaches participants to combine the intellectual, PowerPoint side of communication with the power of examples and stories to more effectively move an audience to action and results. […]

Seven Ways to Create a Persuasive PowerPoint

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Your Point of Power Is NOT In PowerPoint! I often hear business people expressing the absolute need and expectation for PowerPoint in their presentations. That’s fine.  Just remember that slides don’t make presentations.  You do. The over-use of PowerPoint slides in recent years has greatly reduced the power of the presenter and the presentation. Are […]

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