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Invest in Corporate Programs for Communication with VoicePRO®

VoicePRO® programs build the skills and achieve the behavioral change your organization needs to excel in the 21st-century business world.

Are you looking for the edge that will help your company compete as we move into the digital age? While we are surrounded by new technology, traditional skills such as good communication, the ability to interact with customers, time management and leadership are no less important. You need employees who display aptitude in all these areas to keep your business sharp and competitive.

You may be worried that not all of your employees demonstrate these dexterities. How can you bring them up to speed?

VoicePRO® offers corporate training and coaching programs that build team dynamics in the workplace and instill confidence in your employees. Our public speaking workshops can help even the most reluctant public speaker gain newfound poise and self-assurance.


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Corporate Presentation Programs at Your Office on Your Schedule

Best of all, we can come to you to deliver our courses. You can offer corporate leadership training at your own office — we will send a professional to conduct the program at a time and place of your choosing. Our corporate onsite option allows us to fully customize to meet your needs:

  • We come to your location.
  • You determine the program length.
  • We work with you to tailor the process and the content.
  • Assessments can be included.
  • You can fill your workshops with individuals or dedicated teams.

Find the Program that’s Right For You

What skills can you expect your workers to gain?

We’ve highlighted our six areas of focus and how they can help your employees.

Leadership Growth

Our programs will advise your employees on honing their leadership. We create a space where they feel free to explore taking on this new role. They can experiment with ways to lead while staying true to their innate personalities.

Building Relationships

The stronger your team, the stronger your company. We can help co-workers see each other as more than just the cubicle next door. They will learn to appreciate one another’s unique gifts and realize the importance of having everyone contribute.

Executive Presence

Executive presence is a mix of all the professional qualities you demonstrate — leadership, communication, confidence, temperament, competencies. They all blend together to form your executive presence, a measure of how well you can get people to act and engage on your behalf. Those with strong executive presence make great leaders, and luckily it’s a combination of qualities you can be taught.

Public Speaking

Public speaking refers not just to talking in front of a crowd but also being able to capture the audience’s attention. You must master many basic tasks, such as talking slowly and clearly. You also need to speak with purpose and passion, in order to get people engaged in your presentation.


Some people exude natural confidence, yet this trait encompasses more than just believing in yourself and your abilities. True confidence reflects your belief in yourself balanced with your belief in others. A confident person does not feel threatened by another’s prowess. You trust yourself, and you trust others as well.


Communication comprises your ability to connect with others combined with your ability to deliver information. Someone who has strong communication skills can explain a situation in clear, straightforward language. Broaching problems is a basic part of doing business. Great communication can help solve issues before they balloon into something more serious.

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