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Could this be holding you back…

There are challenges for technical people moving into management.      Click here to view the video ×

Is Controversy The Norm…You Have A Choice.

Learn how to work through conflict with Listening

It is December, 2016 – one month following the result of our Presidential election. Based on the numbers, it appears that approximately 50% of the voting population’s candidate won. The other half lost. Half are in celebration and half are in mourning. The United States finds itself in an emotional upheaval due to the result […]

A Manager’s Role in Successful Training

Business trainer

A manager can make or break a training initiative. When a manager is actively involved in the training process, the gap between the time and money spent on leadership and skill development, and on-the-job application of new skills, can be significantly reduced. The following are actions any involved manager can take to insure that training […]

A Good First Impression is Part of Good Communication

American author Seth Godin has said, “If I fail more than you, I win.”  This speaks more to persistence than failure.  As any professional athlete knows, it is persistence that takes you farther than others with similar talent.  As any business person knows, it is that ‘never give up’ attitude which creates ultimate success. There […]

Survival Tips For A Last Minute Speech

Updated: March 11th, 2019 It happens… we hear it from a number of our clients.  You walk into a meeting (business, service club, community), and one of the organizers asks, “I know this is short notice, but could you say a few words about the project or the plan or the new product? Even someone […]

The Body Chemistry of Successful Leaders

It’s intuitive that comfortable, natural body language is the strong foundation for presentation skills and executive presence. But now it seems proven by science – as seen in the work of Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School professor. Her research, which I saw in Wired Magazine, suggests that body language doesn’t just convey power to […]

3 Company Saving Takeaways From “Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs”

After being the source of public discontent for almost four years, Goldman Sachs’ reputation took another hit in the form of an op-ed piece from former employee Greg Smith, entitled, “Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs”. An Internet sensation, the article’s debut in the New York Times, has sent Goldman Sachs’ public image into free fall. […]

Ten Tips to Executive Presence

Abraham Lincoln statue

Businesses grow best when their leaders are growing right along with them. Leaders who communicate their ideas and present themselves in powerful ways realize the best results. The following “Ten Tips to Executive Presence” are based on the skills we teach our clients in our Executive Presence courses. We encourage you to put our tips into your […]

10 Powerful Communication Skills to Improve Meeting Productivity & Become a Meeting Ninja

meeting ninja

What if you could take 5½ hours of every team member’s work week and make it more productive – including yours? It’s a topic VoicePro clients mention time and time again. No wonder. 5.6 hours is the amount of time the average worker spends in meetings, according to one research study. And most respondents say […]

Executive Presence Starts with Good Communication

We often get to a position of authority in an organization based on specific skills – marketing know-how, problem-solving abilities, technical competence. A number of clients come to VoicePRO® when they reach the executive level and find that the skills that got them to the top aren’t enough anymore.  Once the ability to keep a […]

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