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Communication Skills to Launch You to Great Heights

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Imagine this. You’ve been told you must give a presentation tomorrow. It may be you’ve known for a few weeks, but you’ve been busy. Or you’ve been avoiding the necessary preparation because giving presentations isn’t your thing. Or you’re just plain scared and just want it to go away. But now the zero hour is […]

Don’t Kid Yourself, It’s Not All Logic

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Here’s something for you to ponder. Business practices are built entirely on logical thinking. Cool heads rule. Decisions are based on thoughtful analyses. Emotions are messy. They have no place in the world of commerce, and professionals who express their emotions in the workplace are weak. Have you ever wondered why listening—the simple act of […]

Business Presentation Skills Don’t Start with PowerPoint Slides


How you can be the star of your own show I don’t hate PowerPoint. Really, I don’t.  It’s a great tool.  But for so many people, it becomes a crutch instead.  For example, I Googled the phrase, “making better PowerPoints” and came up with about 964,000 results.  Check a few and you find suggestions about […]

Corporate Leadership skills for managing dramatic change

What to say after you’ve said “You’re fired.” No, this isn’t a Human Resources column. In fact, I’m sure any HR professional worthy of the name would tell you never to use the phrase, “You’re fired.” (Donald Trump, take note.) It’s not a column on what to say to a dismissed employee either. That’s the work of […]

Sales presentation training unleashes “geek power”

Expand your technical sales force: empower your technical experts A technical sale is, by definition, complex.  It can require a lot of man-hours and knowledge. You may want to add more sales professionals, but a tight economy is working against your budget. Here’s a frequently untapped resource to consider: your technical experts. If you’re laughing […]

Corporate Team Building Exercises, are Questions the Magic Bullet?

You want your team to be stronger. You want to fix problems. You want your organization to improve. So you devise a plan, call a meeting to make something happen ASAP, right? Not so fast. If you want real change, a top-down mandate may not get you to the goal quickly — or ever. Instead […]

Executive Leadership Training: 5 tips to tap your career potential

It happened to me twice in the same day, just last week. Two colleagues, both in their early 50’s, who work for two different companies, were bemoaning the instability in their job situations. Both shared a sadly similar version of the same sentiment: “This job needs to last me at least 8 more years.” Unfortunately, […]

4 Communication Skills That Will Help You Project YOU

Did you see the article in The Atlantic magazine? The End of Men, the title reads. Women outnumber men in the workplace, and there are more female than male managers, according to author Hanna Rosin. It’s a timely reaffirmation of what we’ve long taught at VoicePro about communication skills. We shouldn’t think in terms of […]

Keep your presentation short and tweet

Communication skills get Twitter-ized I’ll be honest. Twitter sounded like a crazy idea to me. Who can say anything about anything in 140 characters? And who cares anyway? After two months (and realizing I’m not omniscient), I decided I should get a Twitter account to see what it was all about. (Experiential learning is part […]

Build your executive skills with questions, not answers

Six ways to help build your leadership skills I’ve worked with so many leaders – from entrepreneurs to company presidents to first-time managers – who think their job is to have all the answers. They couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, no one has all the answers. Second, and perhaps more important, the all-knowing boss trains […]

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