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How to Develop Strong Executive Presence in a Large Organization

stand out in a large corporate world

It’s an ambitious professional’s career tug-of-war — how do you develop a strong, engaging and authentic executive presence throughout your career in a large organization so you can stand out and grow within that company? It can seem an impossible task. Luckily, good executive presence is not innate. You’re not born with it or kicked […]

How to Get Promoted in the Workplace

How To Get Promoted

It’s the question on the minds of thousands of today’s working professionals: How do I get a promotion at work and climb to the top of my dream career ladder — without sacrificing authenticity or slipping into problematic, proverbial, dog-eat-dog behavior? The line between working smarter and harder has never been more important to career […]

Unlearn Whatever is Getting in Your Way!

We live in a world that is telling us to constantly be “learning” things. If you stop learning, so says the world, you stop growing, stop leading, and stop living. You “fall behind” or “start deteriorating” or, as author Tom Clancyshares with us, “Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.” The irony […]

Communication Skills to Create the Happiest Job in America

Ever dream about your perfect job? It’s a topic that comes up with VoicePRO clients regularly.  What’s your perfect job look like? What do you do all day? How much do you make? Who’s sitting at the next desk? Well, the good folks at a company called CareerBliss, an online career community, have done some light […]

The 5 Great Communication Skills of The Top 10%

Did you see the recent news article about the top 10% of workplace performers? It’s from a survey done by Bloomberg Business Week. Let me get right to the punch line: a full 90% of those surveyed thought they were among the top 10% of performers in their company. Funny. And not funny at all. […]

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