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How to Come Back from a Burnout at Work

According to Webster . . . “Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.” First, Determine if You are Burned Out. If you have ever found yourself experiencing the following, you too may […]

Executive Presence: How to Accept Feedback

Have you ever gotten feedback from someone at work that sounded something like this? “You ramble or get off point” “I can’t understand you” “You come across as too aggressive” “You don’t convey confidence” “I need you to be stronger” “I can’t understand your accent” “You said “ah” or “um” fifty times in five minutes” […]

Survival Tips For A Last Minute Speech

Updated: March 11th, 2019 It happens… we hear it from a number of our clients.  You walk into a meeting (business, service club, community), and one of the organizers asks, “I know this is short notice, but could you say a few words about the project or the plan or the new product? Even someone […]

3 Ways To Avoid The Communication Panic Switch

My best friend got her dream job in July. It was a perfect fit to her expertise, yet still stretched her beyond her current comfort zone. She would have the opportunity to make a difference in an organization that was growing by leaps and bounds – a big difference from her previous job that caused […]

3 Public Speaking Skills From Fantasy Football

As the NFL® prepares for week 4, I’ve noticed many of my friends rushing to their computers and smart phones at seemingly random intervals.  Why? They are updating their fantasy football rosters. The level of obsession demonstrated by some fantasy football leaguers is astounding.  On an hourly basis they check for injuries, look at the […]

3 Communication Skills I Learned From James Bond

Here’s a simple equation that most teenage boys learn: James Bond = Cool Considering the Bond films are the longest running franchise in movie history, it’s hard to argue the character’s appeal. He’s suave, cool under pressure, deadly when needed, and of course, irresistible to women. If only you could enter work with the bravado […]

The Fire of Anger: Communication Skills to Douse the Flames

At VoicePRO® we hear a lot of stories about relationships gone awry – an occupational hazard, I guess. But this one may top them all. One person’s short temper (and a big ego) went a long way toward destroying a company’s reputation. You can read the full, messy story online, but here are the basics. A customer […]

9 Communication Skills Tips to Enter into Dialogue Instead of Debate

bighorn sheep

In the United States, it’s often assumed that debate is the best way to settle disputes. In a debate, the objective is to win. Courtroom lawyers argue for opposing sides, and at the end of the trial one wins and one loses. In Congress, nonstop debates all too often end in stalemate. Political candidates search […]

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