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Executive Posture

Posted on July 19, 2018 by Ally Powell

Executive Posture

Propelling yourself out into the professional world as a capable, strong, powerful presence is a process that comes with its challenges, rewards and learning opportunities — especially when it comes to progressing in your career. Whether you’re interviewing for new positions, supporting a team as a project manager, making a presentation, aiming for a promotion or speaking to a supervisor, your body language, and physical presence are just as important as your ideas, qualifications, speech and intellectual competence.

If you’re wondering how to sit in a job interview, how to stand when giving a speech or what’s the best way to carry yourself to impress, there’s a simple answer. It’s called executive presence, and it means conveying a strong sense of confidence, competence, strength, and potential with your posture and physical behavior.

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Why is executive posture important? When it comes to scoring that new job, advancing in your field, standing out to your superiors and making a strong impression on everyone you meet, a powerful physical presence makes all the difference in perceptions. Wondering how to exude that easy confidence and convince people of your competence?

The Four Postures of Executive Presence


Used to face obstacles, break down barriers and forge ahead in spite of challenges, this posture conveys your commitment to a cause greater than yourself. Your objective is to focus on the greater goal, and your physicality should reflect this strong sense of determination and selflessness. To channel the Push posture, envision your strong commitment to your target and let that energy channel forward and down into your body with eyes and mouth narrowed, lips pursed and presence forward. Repeat the mantra, “It’s not about me!”


Used for channeling calmness and compassion in the face of a challenge or a storm, this posture is perfect for leaders, instructors, and supervisors. The goal is to expel tension, exude calmness and create an atmosphere of relaxed, grounded awareness that gives others a sense of clarity, order, and respect for boundaries. You should channel stability, embrace an even temper and convey ease with a neutral mouth, searching eyes and wide-open energy. Your mantra is, “Everything is OK!”


Embodied by visionaries, artists, leaders and people of passion, the Open posture channels a “pull” energy used to engage others, draw them into your mentality, express your vision and allow them to reflect. You are committed to creating and developing teams, enveloping others in your vision and inviting people into your orbit. You should aim to create an open, laid-back atmosphere with eyes that connect to others, a smile and an inward energy. Your mantra is, “I invite you to come with me.”


As the posture of adventurers, dreamers and innovative thinkers, this posture expresses your interest in pursuing possibilities. Your goal is a commitment to adventure, boldness, outrageousness and leaping ahead. Aim to channel a flexible, forward disposition with an upward mobility by possessing an expressive mouth, fluid eye movements and an energy that shifts easily between subjects. Your mantra is, “Let’s try it!”

Embrace Your Executive Presence

When you pay close attention to your body language and aim to physically channel your goals with an executive presence that exudes competence, you become your own biggest asset. Download our executive presence pdf or learn more about professional skill development with a VoicePRO® consultant today.

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