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Evolving Leadership Together: Your VoicePRO Team.

With VoicePRO  you get a committed partner that works with you to achieve the outcomes you want.

Our consultants help you uncover your major communication needs and offer the best possible solution. You can count on our genuine desire to make a positive difference for everyone involved.

Our design team makes certain that all the learning bases are covered – pre-work, classroom work, post-work and managerial involvement. The end result is behavior change that sticks and transfers straight to the work environment.

Our coaches facilitate active, participatory learning in a safe and accepting environment. Together with them, you identify your needs and goals. Then we provide the individualized attention and coaching that solidifies your skills and can transform your career.

The aim of our entire team is to provide you with an experience that is tough to beat in the arena of training and development. You have our entire focus—from start to finish.

VoicePRO founder and author Carolyn Dickson

Carolyn Dickson


  • Founded VoicePRO in 1984
  • Authored Speaking Magic: Performance Strategies for Winning Your Business Audience and Creating Balance: Moving Out of Conflict and Into Compatibility
  • Established VoicePRO as a Weatherhead 100 Company
  • Named as one of the top ten women entrepreneurs in Ohio by the National Association of Women Business Owners

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VoicePRO graphic design consultant Claire McQuade

Claire McQuade

Graphic Design Consultant

  • Graphic designer with experience in branding, creating graphic identities and logos
  • Registered architects for over 20 years specializing in commercial architecture and design
  • Claire is also an accomplished freelance artist

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voicePRO director of business development Greg Dickson

Greg Dickson

Director, Business Development

  • Joined VoicePRO in 2008
  • Passionately fosters strategic alliances and partnerships with clients
  • Has a diverse background in information technology and community outreach
  • Expert at integrating VoicePRO solutions with client needs

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VoicePRO coach Debra Griest

Debra Griest, PhD

Executive Coach & Consultant

  • Supporting VoicePRO for 15+ years
  • Holds a PhD from Case Western Reserve University in Organization Behavior
  • Executive coach and organizational development consultant
  • Specializes in coaching professionals with technical degrees

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VoicePRO Professional Development Coach Molly McGuigan

Molly McGuigan

Professional Development Coach

  • Holds an MBA from Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University
  • Holds an Appreciative Inquiry Certificate in Positive Business and Society Change
  • Holds a Certificate in Developing Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
  • Continually amazed at the immediate transformations achieved by VoicePRO participants

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VoicePRO Coach Peggy Koelliker

Peggy Koelliker

Professional Development Coach

  • Is a Certified Public Accountant (Retired)
  • Is a Holistic Energy Coach
  • Has mastered a variety of energy approaches to healing including Reiki and meditation
  • Is passionate about helping participants gain confidence in their abilities


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VoicePRO Personal Development Coach Mary Beth Dickson

Mary Beth Dickson

Professional Development Coach

  • Joined VoicePRO in 2012
  • Mary Beth brings 30 years of experience in the medical field guiding patients and their families through complex medical processes
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit grief counselor for patients’ families
  • Hospice volunteer

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VoicePRO professional development coach robin sacks

Robin Sacks

Professional Development Coach

  • Professional motivational speaker
  • Award winning journalist
  • Award winning author
  • Passionate about supporting participant transformation
  • Works to ensure concrete results for organizational benefits

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voicepro professional development coach vivian root

Vivian Root

Professional Development Coach

  • Held the position of Vice President of Human Resources and Operations
  • Coach Certified through Coach Training Alliance
  • Certified in DISC Behavioral Analysis
  • Loves watching participants learn, grow and develop

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voicepro professional development coach stephen dousette

Steve Doucette

Professional Development Coach

  • Held the position of Vice President of Human Resources
  • Holds a Masters of Arts from Northwestern University
  • Certified to coach using Benchmarks, through the Center for Creative Leadership
  • Certified to coach using the Emotional and Social Intelligence Inventory, through the Hay Group

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Voicepro director of programs Luanne Paynick

Luanne Paynick

Director of Programs

  • Joined VoicePRO in 2003
  • Has 30+ years of soft skills training design, development and delivery
  • Is Professional Coach Certified through the International Coach Federation
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education

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VoicePRO President and Coach Leslie Dickson

Leslie Dickson

President and CEO of VoicePRO

  • President & CEO of VoicePRO
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
  • An in-demand executive coach
  • Holds several Board of Directors positions

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