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Do your palms get sweaty when you speak in public? Do you stumble over words or nervously clear your throat the entire time? Do you lose your place in your speech or speak so quietly people have to strain to hear you? We’ve had many clients who began that way. They were not natural public speakers and felt uncomfortable talking in group situations. In fact, they dreaded having to address a group.

You don’t have to feel that way forever. Communication and public speaking are skills you can learn. With a bit of practice and the right instruction, you can become a polished and persuasive speaker.

Sweaty palms will become a thing of the past, people will truly hear what you have to say. Your forays into public speaking will become productive. You will find new doors opening, and you will gain a new appreciation for what an executive speaking coach can mean for your private life and your career.

VoicePRO® can help deliver all those things and more when you use our public speaking consultant services. We offer a personalized approach to your interpersonal, team and public speaking needs.

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What Does VoicePRO® Do?

With VoicePRO® , you get a coach who partners with you to solve your communication challenges.
Our individual and group coaching focuses on a variety of different communication needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Interpersonal communications
  • Team dynamics
  • Business presentations
  • Public speaking

We continue to be a resource for you as you and/or your team evolves. We can cover more in-depth topics and higher-level material as you or your employees become more comfortable with their executive presence. You may find you need the instruction to focus on a slightly different topic. You may find a passion within yourself for a certain subject area you want to learn more about. With our individualized program, we can work with you to refine your coaching to focus on whatever you need.

Modes of Delivery

Our modes of coaching are designed to address your ever-changing challenges with time and logistics. They include:

Face-to-face(In Person):

Our coach(es) can travel to your site, or coaching can be conducted at our VoicePRO® offices.

Online Video Conference:

Online face-to-face coaching is the next best thing to meeting across the table, as it eliminates the need for travel, yet still offers the benefits of visual connection.


Although you and your coach cannot see each other, we are skilled at conducting in-depth telephone coaching, especially as a follow-up practice.

The Benefits of Learning From a Public Speaking Coach

You don’t have to work in an industry that involves public speaking to gain from our coaching. Confidence is one of the most important qualities employees can display in the workforce. Hiring managers want to find people they know will take responsibility for themselves on the job. They want positive, team-first workers who are not afraid to share their thoughts and take occasional risks. These people bring value to an organization. Public speaking can help you obtain that confidence.

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These skills are valuable beyond work, too. In your everyday life, you encounter situations where communication plays a vital role, such as:

  • Solving problems more efficiently
  • Sharing your knowledge with others
  • Expressing your feelings more eloquently
  • Understanding where others are coming from in their thinking

Our coaching allows you to pick the area you want to focus on. If you would like your employees to perfect certain skills, we offer the ability to customize our programs to fit your needs. You will see incredible development in your team’s leadership, relationship building and interpersonal dynamics.

Find the Program That’s Right For You

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Do you want to cultivate greater credibility in your field and build up your confidence? Then you can benefit from our flexible coaching services. We put the emphasis on meeting your needs, whether you are an individual looking for self-improvement or you represent a business that wants to improve engagement among your employees.

We make it easy to get started with a speaking coach by tailoring the experience to your needs. No matter where you are located, we have an option that’s perfect for you. Our coaches aim to bring out the qualities already in our participants. We won’t turn you into a different person — we will just help you recognize your own strength and capabilities, tapping into potential you may have underestimated in yourself.

Behavioral changes can provide many long-term benefits for those who work with our coaches. From improving on the job to becoming more assertive to taking control of a situation, you can receive untold advantages from our instruction. Get in touch today to get started.

With VoicePRO® you get a coach who partners with you to solve your communication challenges.

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