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A personalized approach to your interpersonal, team and public speaking needs.

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With VOICE-PRO you get a coach who partners with you to solve your communication challenges.

Our individual and group coaching focuses on a variety of different communication needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Interpersonal communications
  • Team dynamics
  • Business presentations
  • Public speaking

We continue to be a resource for you as you and/or your team evolves

Modes of Delivery

Our modes for coaching are designed to address your ever changing challenges with time and logistics. They include:

(In Person):

Our coach(es) can travel to your site, or coaching can be conducted at our VoicePRO offices.

Online Video Conference:

Online face-to-face coaching is the next best thing to meeting across the table, as it eliminates the need for travel, yet still offers the benefits of visual connection.


Although you and your coach cannot see each other, we are skilled at conducting in-depth telephone coaching, especially as a follow-up practice.

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