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Executive Presence training designed to meet your needs.

VoicePRO® offers you three ways to access the training programs that are foundational to building and delivering your message confidently, clearly and concisely.

Corporate Onsite

Our corporate onsite option allows us to customize our programs to fully meet the needs of you, your team and your organization.

Open Enrollment

This training option offers you a flexible schedule for individuals or groups alike. Take a program in a safe setting with people from different organizations and industries.


Executive Presence programs are delivered in a modular format, delivered in live, interactive, online sessions with a coach.


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Why are executive coaching programs beneficial to both you and your employees?

Let the result speak for themselves. Professionals who participate in our leadership and communication training sessions feel 16% better equipped to do their jobs. In just a short time working with our coaches, they see a significant increase in their skills and confidence. As an ambitious professional, that means you stand out more to current and prospective employers and feel empowered to grow in your career. Employers get to reap the benefits of the increased productivity and morale that comes with their staff members’ new skills, abilities and outlook.

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VoicePRO® offers you three ways to access the training programs that are keys to building and delivering your message confidently, clearly and concisely.

Corporate Onsite Employee Training

VoicePRO® provides on-site executive coaching. We come to your office and work with you to customize a training program to target exactly what you’d like your office to have training in. We don’t just meet you in terms of location — we also meet you in regard to your goals and needs. Our on-site workshops can provide coaching for individuals or teams. Even when we work with large groups, we ensure each participant meets their personal goals.

To learn more about our corporate on-site programs, schedule a free consultation. We can work with you to determine program length, content and process so you get the most out of every session minute.

Open Enrollment Training

At VoicePRO®, we also offer open enrollment coaching courses. You can visit us and participate in one of our three open enrollment programs. Simply register online and attend the session at the date and time you selected. We teach our courses at the VoicePRO® headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland has an airport and a train station, making travel convenient.

You or your employee can participate in one of the following courses:

  • Speak! Present! Influence!®: Learn how to strengthen your physical presence to communicate authority and plan a compelling presentation
  • Engaging Others™: Learn how to engage your audience and ensure they understand your message
  • Leading Relationships™: Learn how to interact with others on a personal level in a way that develops your leadership and executive presence

Online Live Training & Coaching – LiveLEARN™

Thanks to our LiveLEARN™ online courses, both you and your employees can get individualized training anywhere in the world. Simply add the programs you want to your cart, check out and register for the online coaching session(s) of your choice. Our online training sessions aren’t videos or webinars — instead, they come in the form of online calls that let you directly interact with the coach. You can get a coaching session that takes your needs and goals into account and lets you ask questions at any time. We offer plenty of convenient timeslots so you don’t have to worry about schedule conflicts.

View our LiveLEARN™ courses to start organizing your custom training plan

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