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I had to present to our senior board, including the CFO to request funding – over $3M.

The outcome was in doubt – as this audience was very skeptical.

I used the suggestions you provided, and we were granted funding – all agreeing that my presentation, and the business orientation to the discussion was the key turning point in the program.

Your training has improved my skills – and for that I am very grateful.  You truly helped me achieve the gravitas and presence I was hoping for.

Steve, Senior Manager, Security Governance & Framework
Insurance & Financial Services Industry

My coaching experience working with VoicePRO was very rewarding. Prior to working with VoicePRO, it was very challenging for me to talk to some of our board members and certain financial analysts. VoicePRO taught me various techniques that gave me confidence and enabled me to project myself in a much better light. I was encouraged to seek out those individuals I seemed particularly challenged with and make an effort to learn more about them by engaging in more one-on-one conversation. Leslie, my coach, taught me how to be more articulate when addressing larger audiences, thus making me feel more comfortable and professional. There has been a marked improvement in my communication skills because of my VoicePRO coaching.


Don, President, Energy Industry

As I say “We killed ’em!!”  I had several people come up to me and say that my presentation was very inspiring. Yes, I did breathe and I did smile and I did use real examples and I did keep my hands down at the starting point. And yes, I did know my audience and ask myself “What questions would I receive from them?” I was fortunate as the 3 questions that were asked were all ones that I had anticipated. I have had several opportunities since I returned to make presentations to different groups and the smiling with examples and seeing the audiences heads nodding or other forms of acknowledgement is very refreshing that they indeed are onboard with me.

Rod, Facility Director
Plastics & Chemical Industry

I recently participated in the Speak! Present! Influence!® workshop and it was nothing short of transformative! The curriculum was a perfect combination of simple, practical advice and hands-on experiential learning that made the process both engaging and effective. The instructors were so personable and able to almost instantaneously ascertain our greatest development needs and give us the perfect advice to maximize our potential. Even though there were many others in the class, I felt as if I was engaging in a one-on-one private coaching session. Upon the completion of the course I had a much better understanding of my strengths and how to utilize them to be engaging and persuasive in all manner of business communications. I was applying the skills I learned successfully the very next day! Thanks, VoicePRO!

Bruce, Senior Project Manager
Major Manufacturing Organization

What started out as a training to improve our individual presentation skills turned into so much more. Our VoicePRO training certainly delivered, upping our presentation abilities, but also providing the added benefit of team building. Our training involved a series of exercises pulling out our strengths and identifying our development areas; working together as a team, we made ourselves vulnerable to each other, consequently strengthening our team interaction and bond. I would highly recommend VoicePRO for those seeking to take their presentation skills to the next level.


Rob, Strategic Business Management Lead
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

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