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“We work in a mature industry where the core sales message among competitors is the same — to deliver construction projects on-time, on-budget, safely and at the highest level of quality. The business risk of relying on this marketing approach occurs when clients conclude that the only differentiator between competitors is price. As a result, the sole strategic focus of our company is to continuously create unique added value for each client. VoicePRO is our secret weapon. Because, if we are unable to communicate the value added we work so hard to create, clients conclude that the only differentiator between competitors is price.

“This year, with VoicePRO training and coaching, we received a standing ovation from our audience, and secured the largest construction contract in our company’s 81-year history.”

Jon Ferrell, Vice President at The Albert M. Higley Company

“I have been giving presentations and interacting at the executive level for years. Frankly I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get out of participating in the Executive Presence™ course. Was I surprised!!! The instructors were very familiar with the types of situations we face every day in business and very practical in their instruction, coaching, and advice. They helped me see little things about my communication style that I never would have noticed. Addressing these has helped me strengthen the messages I deliver, has improved my ability to persuade others, and has given me more confidence. They also gave me some practical tools that I have used to plan and focus my thoughts and my conversations with others.”

Debra G., Business Consultant

“Speak! Present! Influence!® has made a huge difference to the staff at Great Lakes Theater Festival. All our senior staff have taken SPI and, as a result, we’re more relaxed and confident when we speak to our audiences. The rapport we establish in one-on-one interactions with audience members in the lobby before performances and during intermission is often astonishing. And the raves we get for our curtain speeches tell us we’re representing this great theater company in a positive, powerful, and professional manner. VoicePRO coaching has also helped develop the staff’s leadership potential and has improved internal communication among the management team. Bravo to VoicePRO!”

Bob Taylor, Executive Director at Great Lakes Theater Festival

“Thanks so much! The DISC Behavioral Assessment and expert coaching was a masterful approach to a tough subject and diverse group of managers. All of our managers that participated in the group and one-on-one sessions really enjoyed themselves. Everyone was shocked with the accuracy of the feedback from just a few questions. I feel this was a very sensible and effective step to achieving a higher level of communication. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Yancey Arterburn, General Manager at Lone Mountain Ranch

Many thanks for a really excellent session yesterday.  I gained a great deal from the day and can see many areas where I can turn the learnings into personal and team improvements. It was a very valuable exercise.

John, Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Manufacturing & Financial Services Industry

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