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Ten Tips to Executive Presence

Posted on May 13, 2011 by Leslie Dickson

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Businesses grow best when their leaders are growing right along with them. Leaders who communicate their ideas and present themselves in powerful ways realize the best results. The following “Ten Tips to Executive Presence” are based on the skills we teach our clients in our Executive Presence courses. We encourage you to put our tips into your communication skills toolbox, to not only develop your executive presence but grow your business.

  1. Focus on your audience. Ask yourself, “What can I do to make their lives better – more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable!” Remember, your audience does not care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  2. Multi-tasking is for tasks, not communication. Although you may be able to juggle many tasks at once, the people you are building relationships with deserve your full attention in every interaction. When you give people your full attention, you are saying, “I see you, I hear you, and you are important to me.” It will increase your power of influence tenfold.
  3. Balance your logic with emotion. Although facts are expected in the business world, your biggest influencing tools will be stories and examples. It is through the use of these powerful influencers that you will ensure a strong emotional connection with your audience – a connection strong enough to take your audience to action.
  4. Make certain your pictures match. Take time to provide the picture painting details your audience needs to “see what it is you want them to see.” When you do this, you minimize the risk of misunderstanding and the “fallout” that often occurs as a result.
  5. Rely on expression to help you paint the picture for your audience. Use your face, voice and body language to show your audience “how high is high”, “how big is big” and “how much is too much.”
  6. Rely on the strength of your voice to command the attention of your audience. When your voice is strong and resonant, you are communicating strength, personal power, authority, and confidence to your audience. All are attributes of true leaders.
  7. Carry yourself in a manner that says “I am comfortable with myself, with my topic and with my audience.” When your posture is easy and relaxed – informal yet professional, your audience will not only feel more relaxed in your presence, but you will be more approachable.
  8. Use the power of your breath to keep you in the moment, easy, and relaxed. Oxygen is nature’s greatest tranquilizer, and believe it or not, it is also nature’s greatest energizer. So, use that same breath to energize your voice.
  9. Be concise. State your point, explain your reason why, back it up with evidence, restate your point, and talk about what needs to happen next. Remember, one of the most valuable resources (and the most scarce) is time. So, boost your credibility by honoring your audience by respecting their time.
  10. Be genuine . . . be real . . . be YOU! When you are yourself, you not only honor your audience but even more important you honor yourself.

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