Executive Presence Series

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Executive presence is a quality universally sought by leaders in all businesses and industries. The quest is made difficult because executive presence is not easy to define. In addition, the question arises, “Can executive presence be learned, or is it something a person is born with?”

Our experience tells us that Executive Presence is attainable through our unique approach, which narrows the gap between your intended behavior and your real behavior. Once that gap is closed and you are making new and different choices in your interactions, others will experience your confidence, strength, expertise and personal power.

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At VoicePRO, our Executive Presence Series addresses three critical skill sets in three highly interactive 2-day programs. They include:

  • Executive Presence: Speak! Present! Influence!® – Ensure that others feel the power of your message and want to take action. Learn how to have a confident yet relaxed physical presence. Master vocal presence and speak with a voice that conveys confidence and credibility. Define your vision with passion and clarity. Effectively develop a message that is both strategic and persuasive.
  • Executive Presence: Engaging Others™ – Invite others to connect with you. Learn how to stay centered and strong, yet open and approachable throughout challenging interactions. Work with a variety of approaches that pull others towards you and your point of view. Increase levels of trust and influence by adapting your behavior to meet the needs of others..
  • Executive Presence: Leading Relationships™ – Cause others to want to collaborate with you to solve problems, arrive at new possibilities and achieve results. Learn how to be flexible in the moment; stay calm during a disagreement; listen to what is really being said; and respond with intent and conviction. This program addresses more than just conveying your message – it is all about achieving results through people.
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