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3 Ways To Lose Your Audience in 30 Seconds

Making a good first impression is important, especially for speakers. This is an easy explanation for why beginning a speech is so nerve wracking. You want to introduce your topic, get the audience’s attention, and maybe, just maybe, get the audience to like you. Though, we’ve made it clear how forgiving audiences canbe, starting your […]

Pixar’s Brave Take On Leadership

Note: We recently discovered that Jonah Lehrer, who inspired this blog post, has recently admitted to fabricating quotes used in his book, Imagine: How Creativity Works. Details are provided in the Wall Street Journal story. We apologize for any misrepresentation. Please read our reaction article here. Have you read Johan Lehrer’s new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works? […]

3 Horrifying Bosses

What’s the one thing you’d like to change about your boss? Don’t worry, this isn’t a setup.  Realistically, most employees want to change at least one of their boss’s undesirable habits.  Usually, this improvement is something small.  But if small faults are left unchecked, they can overtake a boss’s positive qualities and turn an otherwise […]

3 Gaming Tricks That Motivate

My generation loves videogames and I’m no exception. I own an Xbox 360 and play games two to three times a week. The appeal of video games is easy to understand. From the comfort of my room, I can defend the innocent as Batman or throw touchdown passes as my favorite NFL® quarterback. What makes […]

5 Public Speaking Secrets: What Every Speaker Should Know

What’s your secret? At VoicePro®, our clients consistently ask us for public speaking tricks and secrets.  Though everyone’s method is different, there are five secrets about public speaking that everyone should know. #1 Everyone Gets Nervous There’s nothing “normal” about speaking in front of large groups of people. The body knows it.  That’s why it […]

3 Management Tips From The Avengers

The summer movie season has started with a bang.  After years of anticipation and five films of preparation, Marvel Studio has finally released their super hero team up of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk. Excitement has been especially high here in Cleveland (VoicePro’s® headquarters), since many of the scenes inThe Avengers were shot […]

3 Ways To Wail Like Jimi Hendrix

Recently Rolling Stone magazine updated its list of the one hundred greatest guitarists in rock history. The first ninety-nine will likely be debated for years; however, the number one slot was a no brainer.  It had to be Jimi Hendrix. Arguably, no one before or since has harnessed the electric guitar’s power. But the question […]

4 Public Speaking Lessons From Broadway

Recently, Broadway musicals have extended their reach. Fox’s hit show Glee features a number of songs from Broadway, and its lead characters break out into song. A number of musicals have had great sucess at the box office, including Mamma Mia and Hairspray.Even the rock band Green Day, and South Parkcomedians Trey Parker & Matt Stone, […]

3 Customer Service Lessons From A Twitter Junkie

I have a confession. I hated Twitter. I hated Twitter and everyone involved. I judged my friends who used it. I groaned when ESPN posted LeBron James latest tweet (for a number of reasons). I had no interest in making an account. Then I became a Twitter junkie. Today, I tweet forVoicePro® and for my […]

3 Leadership Lessons From March Madness

Once the NCAA tournament begins, workplace productivity plummets. Employees fill out brackets, check scores, and turn in money to whoever runs the office pool.  Not exactly an ideal time to be a manager.  It’s impossible to step in and stop the fun, especially when you’ve got twenty dollars riding on your own bracket. Fighting the […]

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