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The 5 Great Communication Skills of The Top 10%

Posted on October 11, 2011 by Leslie Dickson

Did you see the recent news article about the top 10% of workplace performers? It’s from a survey done by Bloomberg Business Week. Let me get right to the punch line: a full 90% of those surveyed thought they were among the top 10% of performers in their company.

Funny. And not funny at all. So, it got me thinking. What makes a good professional great? At VoicePRO, I’ve had the privilege of working with people from all types of organizations, large and small. Each one brings an array of skills to the job, but the best of them display what we call the Five Great Skills.  They are crucial in a person’s ability to present his or her best self, work with and through other people, and achieve results even while navigating the enormous pressures of professional daily life.

1. Relaxation

The skill of relaxation. When you can keep cool physically, mentally and emotionally you convey the personal power of leadership.

2. Communicating with Energy

The skill of communicating with energy. When people can see and hear your conviction and passion, you inspire confidence.

3. Expression

The skill of expression. A message is carried by more than words. Vocal inflection, body language, and gestures either support your message or hinder it. It’s not mere “showmanship”, it’s essential to clarity and impact.

4. Organization

The skill of organization. No matter how good your ideas and facts are, if you put them together in the wrong way, your message won’t get through. How you outline and structure communication, from capturing attention to actionable results, has an enormous bearing on your ability to persuade and influence.

5. Focus

The skill of focus. When extraneous thoughts cloud your thinking, your message goes off track. Focus helps you stay centered on your message, and, just as important, calm enough to watch and listen to your audience. That’s how you make an authentic connection – and progress.

How many of these skills have you mastered? Or, more directly – what are you doing to become the real top 10% of performers in your organization? If you want to take your career to the next level, The Five Great Skills™ are a powerful place to start.

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