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Mastering Public Speaking: Release the Power of Your Inner Voice

Posted on August 4, 2010 by Gregory Dickson


Whether or not you love opera, you have to admire Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s ability to project, not only his powerfully resonant voice, but also the passion with which he tells his story. Hvorostovsky fills the great concert halls of the world with every aspect of his presence, and audiences everywhere are inspired by the emotion he brings to his performances.

Who is Dmitri Hvorostovsky?

Hvorostovsky is a gifted artist with a sizable natural talent. I would not begin to suggest that, even if we really applied ourselves, we could learn to sing the way he does. However, I can say that the technique Hvorostovsky uses to bring his brilliant talent to the stage is in many ways similar to the methods we teach in our VoicePro® workshops. They can be developed by all those who want to improve their speaking skills and their physical presence.

Voice Projection in Business & in Opera

Listen to Hvorostovsky. Hear him fill the room with his powerful voice. Watch his eyes—how he connects with his audience. Feel the emotion he projects. His presence is commanding, authoritative, and genuine. These attributes are within us all. We don’t have to be a great opera singer to find them. We need only develop the speaking and business communication skills that will allow us to develop to our own fullest potential.

How can you present yourself and your ideas in a public speaking venue?

Hvorostovsky makes it seem easy, but you can captivate a room as well. Here are some public speaking tips:

  1. Learn to breath. Hvorostovsky’s voice can fill a great hall because he uses the power of breath. You can do the same. By harnessing the power of your breath, you can project with authority in the boardroom, at a conference, or in any other public speaking venue.
  2. Take command of yourself and relax under pressure through good posture and release of muscle tension. Hvorostovsky  is using every ounce of his energy, yet his shoulders are down and there’s a relaxed quality about him. He’s totally at ease. You, too,  can achieve and maintain an easy, relaxed demeanor that will carry you through any situation.
  3. Use your face, your voice, your hands and body to communicate the meaning behind your words. Paint word pictures that make people “see what you see.”
  4. Take command of your thoughts. Eliminate extraneous, inappropriate thoughts that pull you away from your message and create unnecessary tension and anxiety.
  5. By taking the interests and needs of your audience into account, you will develop a powerfully persuasive message. When you reach and touch your audience, you will feel heard and understood, and you will achieve your desired outcome, almost without effort.

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