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8 VoicePRO® Skills at the Heart of Executive Leadership Development

Conflict Management We’ve all seen conflict in the workplace. Team members who snap at each other. The heated gossiping in the coffee room. The he-said/she-said accusations that erupt in your office. Maybe it’s been going on so long, you’ve simply written it off as an annoying but unavoidable fact of work life. Think again. There’s […]

8 Facilitative Leadership Skills to Bring Out the Best Ideas

Updated: September 19th, 2018 A business colleague of mine used to have a saying:  “In a perfect world, I get to make all the decisions. In the next-best world, SOMEBODY makes all the decisions.” While I appreciate the desire for clarity in marching orders, my years of VoicePRO® experience teaching leadership skills to organizations confirms it’s […]

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