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3 Public Speaking Tips From James Bond

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Leslie Dickson

Over the past month, the Bond franchise has come roaring back with the International hit Skyfall. Of course, considering the character, the movie is full of incredible stunts, gorgeous locales, and even some high tech gadgetry. However, unlike Bond films of the past, which pit Bond against a maniacal villain bent on world domination or destruction, James struggles with his confidence and deals with a villain that challenges him on a very personal level.

Speakers new and seasoned run into the same problems, just before they take the stage. They question their abilities, get stuck in their head, and quickly kill any confidence they had. So, how can you give yourself the confidence you need? Learn from James’ latest triumph.

#1 Don’t Rely on Technology

Considering his adversary is a master computer hacker, Bond realizes that high tech approaches are not going to work. In fact, they’re only detrimental to his cause. Consequently, he goes off the grid and decides to use old fashioned methods to dispatch his foe.

Whether it’s a projector, laptop, or even a flash drive with a PowerPoint presentation, many speakers use technology as a crutch instead of a tool. To avoid a potential disaster via a malfunction, be ready to give your presentation without any technology. Even if your presentation has a video segment practice the speech without it, at least once. That way you can avoid panicking if something goes awry.

#2 Look the Part

For the first quarter of the movie, Bond doesn’t quite look himself. He looks exhausted, labors during exercise and even has a thin beard. Not exactly the suave character we’ve come to know. Thankfully, Bond realizes how important his appearance is to his job and gets a shave and new suit before entering a high-end casino.

When you’re introducing yourself to a group of strangers or potential business partners, appearance does matter. So look the part. If the crowd will be wearing casual business attire, a high-end suit will stick out like a sore thumb. We generally recommend matching the attire of room or going one step above. Slightly overdressing is never as bad as underdressing.

#3 Trust Yourself

Despite numerous indications that Bond is unfit for active duty his superior, M, puts him back in the field without question. Considering the dangerous nature of Bond’s mission, many other characters question M’s decision. She makes it very clear why she made the choice: she trusts Bond.

In the moments leading up to your speech, you may become overwhelmed with doubts or worries. Don’t let them take over. Take these moments to relax your body through deep breathing, shake out your nervous energy, and use positive affirmations to build your confidence. Now you can take the stage feeling relaxed but invigorated.

The latest incarnation of Bond is hardly perfect, but he does know how to rise the occasion. Learn from the flawed hero for your next speech and present with power.

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