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VoicePro Program

Maximizing your team’s power and potential

The strength of a team is measured by how its diverse individuals come together to create a positive and powerful force in the workplace. 

For this one-day workshop, team members complete the DISC Behavioral Assessment and then participate in activities and exercises specifically designed to help them understand behavioral styles—both theirs and others. They learn to value their differences for the vitality that is brought to the team, and how to leverage those differences for maximum effectiveness.

This newfound knowledge opens the door for improved communication between and among team members. They are then introduced to VoicePro’s® time-tested methods of managing interpersonal relationships that respect style differences while, at the same time, they focus on getting the job done.

In this one-day workshop, participants:

  • Learn to appreciate  and value the individual differences among team members.
  • Develop and maintain open lines of communication inside the team.
  • Increase the credibility and relationship-building effectiveness of the team throughout the entire organization.
  • Increase and take advantage of the positive energy generated by the team.
  • Gain commitment and cooperation not only from members of their team but also from people outside the team 

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