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Leading Relationships™

Leadership is about more than just setting a direction for your company. It requires getting people to not only to follow you but to support you and your decisions. That means building personal relationships based on your ability to listen to, empathize with, relate to, and address whatever concerns the other person in the relationship has.

For many of us, this is not an innate skill, but it can be learned. You can build better business relationships with the right communication skills, developing your executive presence and leadership, so these skills become second nature. When you apply the right approach to a personal situation, it can help you build mutual dependence and enhance your organization’s services, a sign of excellent leadership.


Cultivating these skills takes practice. When you enroll in our Leading Relationships™ program, you can get the instruction and training you need for clear communication and engagement. We offer individualized learning, helping you get everything you need from our course.


How to Relate to Your Audience

Whether you are the boss or in an entry-level position, the relationships you form help to determine your future. You need to be personable and have the aptitude to interact with everyone in your organization, from the bottom to the top. The most successful people have taken the time to form their leadership and relationship abilities and in turn, possess the capacity to connect on a deeper level.

This means knowing who you are talking to and adjusting your business networking skills to fit your situation. You need to speak differently to different audiences and know how to read a room. Our Leading Relationships™ course will help you do that.


Discover the Power of Clear Communication and Leadership

We can give you the tools you need to succeed in forming better relationships, but so much of what we do depends on you. We won’t change you or ask you to say things you are uncomfortable with. On the contrary, we will bring qualities out in you that you may not have even realized were there. You will uncover gifts you didn’t expect and tap into your own unique insights to make these lessons last. You will benefit by:

  • Increasing your confidence.
  • Improving your drive to “work the room”.
  • Showing your passion.

Our program goes beyond traditional skill building. We offer personalized group coaching and one-on-one coaching to ensure that we give you the tools you need to succeed on a personal level. An exchange of ideas and authentic dialogue will pay off by enhancing your ability to talk to people.


Build Better Business Relationships by Enrolling in Our Leading Relationships™ Program

With VoicePRO® you get to know yourself the way others experience you.

In today’s turbulent business environment, collaborative relationships are the key to success. Whatever your business, you are in the “relationship” business. Strong alliances must be forged with clients and customers, vendors, teams, peers, and colleagues. And they must be maintained with awareness and attention.

This two-day program builds on your individual strengths. Through assessments and interactive exercises and activities, you gain a clear awareness of how you relate to—and work with—others. Then, without changing “who you are,” you develop skills that enable you to lead, guide and influence others in positive, constructive ways.

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With VoicePRO® you get to know yourself the way others experience you.

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