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Excellent public speaking is about more than just words. You may be surprised to know that the words you’re saying will mean very little if you can not engage your audience. It’s about presentation — your body language and communication skills will set the stage for the words you wish to say. You can gain and hold your listeners’ attention through your body posture, facial expressions and how you deliver your message.

This, combined with a clear and organized message, is how you engage your audience. You can learn how to do all these things. They are skills, not innate talents. With personalized instruction and coaching on how to improve your presence and communication skills in the office, you can have your audience following along, engaging, and understanding exactly what you wanted to get across.

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Our Engaging Others course offers you tips and tools for becoming a magnetic speaker. You receive individualized learning that helps you hone your message and control your body language, so you project confidence and competence.


Why Should You Take Our Communication Skills Program?

As anyone in business can tell you, we are all different. Making a connection with others can be difficult. While you may naturally gravitate to some people, building bonds with others won’t come as naturally. Our Engaging Others course offers you a way to make it happen naturally and, in time, effortlessly.

One of the most important things you can do in business is to learn who you are as a leader. That means keying in on your strengths and weaknesses and using them to your advantage. This will help you engage with those who may not have the same personality as you.

For example, if you tend to be quieter, you may have had trouble in the past conversing with brasher types. Our Engaging Others course helps you bridge those gaps in personality allowing you both to reach common ground. We can do this by:

  • Helping you become more self-aware and realize what your communication tendencies are.
  • Shoring up communications shortfalls by working on ways to enhance your ability to lead discussions and guide conversations.
  • Empowering the people you speak to — nothing sparks engagement more than giving people something to believe in.

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The Benefit of Improving Your Communication Skills within your Company and Beyond

You want your voice to be heard. Perhaps you haven’t figured out how to accomplish that yet — that doesn’t mean your opinions are any less deserving of an audience. Give yourself a chance to shine by enrolling in Engaging Others.

Confidence is an attractive quality in anyone. When you have faith in your abilities, you can engage others. Enrolling in our program will help you learn to trust yourself, which results in higher confidence in your abilities. And if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you, too. Learn how to get the conversation started and keep it flowing when you unlock the leadership qualities we all have deep inside.

You can earn so many advantages from engaging with others more efficiently. Your voice will rise. Your ideas will be heard. Your influence will widen. For those who have always wanted to make more significant contributions to their company or industry but weren’t sure how to go about it, our Engaging Others course can open new doors.

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You will learn new things thanks to our fresh, modern methods of teaching. With VoicePRO® you get alternative approaches.

Our Engaging Others program increases your ability to be fully present in all interactions. You will clarify for yourself how you want to “show up” in relationships and will be provided with the tools that assist in the achievement of your vision.

In this program, videotaping is used, along with the DISC Behavioral Assessment and extensive peer and coach feedback. A safe environment and smaller class size ensure that the skills from this powerful program are transferred back to the job.

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With VoicePRO you get alternative approaches.

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