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Continued Learning

Your partner in development for the long run.

Cubes with ladders. 3dWith VoicePRO you get an investment in learning, not just an event.

We honor your investment by delivering sustainable behavioral change that is directly transferable back to the job. But what happens after that? In order for learning to be sustained over time, it requires collaboration between workshop participants, their sponsoring entities and VoicePRO. Working together, we can design a strategic approach for accountability and reinforcement that is in line with your organization’s performance management practices.

Our commitment to you is to deliver an approach to learning that is full-circle – from preliminary work to follow-up to ongoing partnership.

Modes for Follow-up and Reinforcement

  • Group conference calls that engage the group in a discussion about what’s working, what’s not, and alternative approaches
  • Phone calls focused on the needs of the individual
  • Customized follow-up sessions for groups or individuals
  • Written action plans that provide next steps for continued learning
  • Managerial involvement with guidelines for maximizing participants’ effectiveness i.e. setting expectations, defining success, etc.)
  • Video assessments. Send us a video of your presentation and we will give you feedback
  • Coaching. Find out more about our coaching options
  • Personal Learning Agendas that provide a framework for participants to commit to continued growth, with action steps that support that commitment, and ways managers can reinforce new skills back on the job
  • Formal assessments that contribute to self-awareness: behavioral style profiles, 360 feedback,  conflict management models, etc
  • Shadowing, where a VoicePRO coach observes an individual or group in a real-life work setting, then provides feedback and/or coaching
  • Programs. Find out more about out program offerings
  • Blog articles
  • Newsletter
  • Videos


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