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Peggy Koelliker

VoicePRO Coach Peggy Koelliker

For over a 15 years, Peggy Koelliker has utilized her diverse background and training to enhance our participants’ natural gifts.

Her passion for coaching is derived from a desire to meet new people, a strong belief in the simple yet powerful skills taught in VoicePro® programs, and the joy of watching our clients gain confidence in their abilities.

Peggy is also a CPA, Holistic Energy Coach and the owner of The Healing Connection. She provides simple, cutting-edge strategies to help her clients keep their energies flowing for optimum health, increased vitality, spiritual awareness, a peaceful mind and deep relaxation.

Her holistic health classes include, Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques, meditation and Introduction to Chakras.

Peggy Koelliker’s expertise and skill in energy medicine techniques, combined with her desire to help our clients excel, makes Peggy an excellent contributor to VoicePro® programs.

Peggy’s free time is spent enjoying nature walks and visiting family.

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