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Greg Dickson

voicePRO director of business development Greg Dickson

As Director of Business Development for VoicePRO, Greg is focused and passionate about fostering strategic collaborative alliances with our clients and partners. He strives to build relationships with diverse cross sections of the business and government communities.

Greg’s primary goal is to solve problems in the area of spoken communication, and to transform client relationships into collaborative partnerships. He first works with our clients to uncover their core needs, then coordinates with the VoicePRO program team to supply a viable, sustainable solution.

Greg brings to VoicePRO a broad range of experiences, including 15 years in IT support and management for a variety of industries. He served on the Board of Directors of a community health organization, and has work for several years with United Way of Greater Portland.

Greg is an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys a variety of activities such as, whitewater kayaking, cycling, hiking and running his dogs. A particular sense of accomplishment was achieved when he completed the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb two consecutive years.

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