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Claire McQuade

VoicePRO graphic design consultant Claire McQuade

Being a small business owner herself, Claire knows how a business is run and understands the importance of making a visual impact in every aspect of that business. Most importantly, as a graphic designer she has the creative ability to produce the materials to implement a company’s vision. Her graphic design abilities include branding and creating graphic identities and logos that fit the vision of any company. Enforcing identities through marketing and collateral materials is her specialty. It is this talent that she brings to VoicePRO.

Claire is also a registered architect and accomplished artist. As a commercial architect she has devoted her life to creating designs that give insight into the personality, style and functionality of her clients.

Being gifted in a number of artistic fields, Claire is a creative asset to everyone she works with. Claire’s years of architectural design and project management experience, combined with her sensitivity to peoples’ needs, has given her a special ability for meeting the requirements of her clients. As a registered architect for over 20 years her experience and abilities are extensive; as an artist for most of her life she has a broad range of interests and talents.

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