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Keep your presentation short and tweet

Communication skills get Twitter-ized I’ll be honest. Twitter sounded like a crazy idea to me. Who can say anything about anything in 140 characters? And who cares anyway? After two months (and realizing I’m not omniscient), I decided I should get a Twitter account to see what it was all about. (Experiential learning is part […]

Build your executive skills with questions, not answers

Six ways to help build your leadership skills I’ve worked with so many leaders – from entrepreneurs to company presidents to first-time managers – who think their job is to have all the answers. They couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, no one has all the answers. Second, and perhaps more important, the all-knowing boss trains […]

8 VoicePro® skills at the heart of executive leadership development

Conflict management We’ve all seen conflict in the workplace. Team members who snap at each other. The heated gossiping in the coffee room. The he-said/she-said accusations that erupt in your office. Maybe it’s been going on so long, you’ve simply written it off as an annoying but unavoidable fact of work life. Think again. There’s […]

Executive presence starts with good communication

7 Strategies to Boost Your Effectiveness as a Leader We often get to a position of authority in an organization based on specific skills – marketing know-how, problem-solving abilities, technical competence.   A number of clients come to VoicePro®when they reach the executive level and find that the skills that got them to the top aren’t enough […]

PowerPoint with a point: the public speaking technique that works

PowerPoint, Godsend or work of the devil?  It’s a question I get at VoicePro® about once a week. My answer? Like chocolate, video games and shopping, it can be either. Or both.  It’s a matter of degree. If you enjoyed our little video on PowerPoint, you got a look at its dark side.  So let’s talk […]

8 powerful communication skills you can use to ask for what you want

You think you deserve a raise. You’d like to be on the team for that new business project. You need your supervisor’s support to work through a situation with a co-worker. So, what’s standing in the way of us getting what we want? More often than you think, the obstacle is simply that we don’t […]

A powerful presentation skill that comes as naturally as breathing

It’s time for that presentation. Or the big sales call. Or a difficult conversation with a colleague. Are you feeling nervous? Thoughts fuzzy? Stressed out? So, many VoicePro® clients come to me asking for methods to help calm and center themselves. Here’s one that comes naturally to all of us: breathing. Yes, It’s simply breathing. You’ve read that advice in […]

Effective Public Speaking: Your Brain is Wired for Storytelling

I read a fascinating article in The New York Times by Robert Sapolsky, a Professor of Biology, Neurology and Neurosurgery at Stanford University. He’s written a number of books on how the human mind works and the relationship of the mind, body and behavior. As it turns out, our brains our wired for metaphor and […]

Worldwide – Executive Leadership development is a top priority

As the economy begins its recovery, we’ve seen some refocusing among VoicePro® clients on leadership development. According to research by Deloitte, the international consulting firm, the same trends are appearing on a global scale. Their research study with some 300 global executives shows leadership development coming up again and again. Let me share some key findings […]

7 communication skills that will help you stop meeting hijacks

In a recent post on tips to make meetings more productive, one topic generated a lot of conversation here at VoicePro:  how to manage disruptive people. One closed mind, one naysayer, one time hog can hijack your meeting – and your results. What can you do to rescue control and keep the process moving forward? […]

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