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Take a deep dive into your professional development.
These one-on-one coaching sessions are designed with your needs and goals as the sole focus.


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One-on-One Online Business Communication Coaching

Looking for a one-on-one executive presence coaching program for your business or your own professional career? Our personalized business communication coaching lets you improve yourself on your terms with a VoicePRO coach who cares about your goals. We work with every skill level and personality to give clients the resources they need to grow as professionals and gain confidence.

Benefits of One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • Completely personalized to focus on the individual: Many business communication coaching programs center on goals set by the coach instead of considering what the coachee wants out of the experience. VoicePRO®’s individual one-on-one coaching uses a simple questionnaire to understand what you or your employee aims to learn from the coach. The executive communication coach will then tailor the session to the questionnaire answers — not what they think the professional should want. Throughout the session, the coach will ask further questions to ensure the meeting meets the learner’s needs every step of the way.
  • Taught by a real coach 100 percent focused on the coachee: We use a back-and-forth process where the coach speaks with the learner, not at them. If the coachee needs to change the course of the session during the session itself, the coach can accommodate their request so they get the most out of their coaching. When the coach offers advice, they customize it to the style of the person so it makes sense.
  • Designed to let the person feel comfortable as they are: At VoicePRO®, we understand that many of our clients feel nervous or unconfident with their communication and business skills. Instead of trying to change who the coachee is as a person, we help them become their best self. Our coaches keep the sessions completely confidential — no need for the individual to worry about openly discussing what they want to improve on. The coachee can be completely genuine in an environment with no other eyes on them.

Session Outcomes:

The outcomes for your coaching session will be determined based on our responses to the pre-work questionnaire.

The coach will rely on your goals to guide the coaching session

The coach will also rely on your responses to questions at the start of, and throughout the coaching process, to determine the focus of each session.

Session Logistics:

  • Session Length: Approximately one hour
  • Format: This program is conducted as an interactive virtual classroom with two-way video and audio

Program Pre-work:

In this session, you will need to complete the questionnaire provided and forward it to the coach at least 48 hours prior to the session, in order to participate in the session. Pre-work will generally take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Printed Support:

Upon completion of the session, the coach will forward any documents that were used and referred to in your coaching session for your future reference.

Technical Requirements:

This is a live interactive online video session conducted through VoicePRO’s video communications system. This is a Voice over IP (VoIP) session. No telephone access is available.

To participate in this session, you will need a:

  • Computer
  • Microphone (built-in or attachable to your computer)
  • Webcam (built-in or attachable to your computer)
  • Quiet place with appropriate lighting free from excessive noise in which to participate
  • Though not necessary, the use of a headset or earbuds will allow for a more focused session

The program will expire after 30 days from purchase.

Why Choose VoicePRO®?

On average, VoicePRO® program participants feel 16 percent better equipped to handle the professional challenges posed to them. That means they feel that much more confident in doing their jobs, increasing their productivity and advancing their careers. How do we help individuals improve so much with a single program? We set ourselves apart from the competition with a few key advantages.

Our goal at VoicePRO® is to make our clients feel completely comfortable. Many individuals looking for business and communication coaching may feel intimidated by the prospect of building their professional authority and confidence with someone. So, we want to create a safe space that lets them experiment and grow. We take clients out of their comfort zone, but we do so in a manageable and gradual way on their terms.

Our coaches are here to support you or your employee along every step of the business journey and can personally help them achieve the goal they have in mind. VoicePRO® coaching is practical, identifying the coachee’s areas of improvement and providing actionable advice. Instead of offering just an intellectual understanding of the subject, we provide the tools needed to become a better communicator and to improve your executive presence.


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