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The most powerful insight an individual can have is that of self-awareness. Leaders who have an in-depth understanding of how they think, how they approach their work, and how they relate to others are able to lead their teams to greater heights than could have been imagined. Team members who have been exposed to the life lessons taught by a growing self-awareness work more cohesively, efficiently and productively. And the individual who is able to develop more satisfying relationships by adapting his or her work style to that of others will not only experience greater influencing capability but will also grow in stature and personal power.

The DISC Behavioral Assessment offers a combination of test results and VoicePro® coaching that is designed to enhance communication skills and generate behavior change through improved self-awareness and skill development. The assessment tool can be administered online and requires approximately 15 minutes to complete. It is entirely secured through password protection.

For Individuals

After an individual completes The DISC Behavioral Assessment, a VoicePro® professional development coach interprets its findings in a one-on-one interview. The coach helps you validate and trust your communication strengths. At the same time, you will be made aware of those personal communication traits that may not always be appropriate and learn alternate behaviors that can be effective in your interactions with others.

The number coaching sessions can vary and may be arranged on an as-needed basis.

For Teams

A VoicePro® professional development coach will work with your team to bring to light the reasons the team may be struggling—with relationships and/or with results. The DISC Behavioral Assessment will reveal the natural work style and communication behaviors of each team member. Then the team leader, the team, and the VoicePro® coach will create solutions designed to move the team from a state of conflict and unrest to one of positive energy and collaboration.

The DISC Behavioral Assessment for teams can, and should, be customized to the needs of the individual department or organization. At that time, your desired outcomes can be laid out and the program designed to help you achieve those results.