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Great performers in every field—whether in sports, theater, film, music, or any other discipline—don’t take their skills and abilities for granted. They invariably rely on the advice, instruction, and judgment of a great coach. In an ever-changing business and professional world where true leadership is at a premium, great leaders do the same.

At VoicePro®, Executive Coaching is a personalized, one-on-one engagement that helps the executive become a more proactive, positive and dynamic force, in both the organization and the community at large.

The Executive receives the focused attention of a VoicePro® professional development coach with a private, confidential, customized approach designed to address his or her specific needs and concerns. The coach will reside "in the pocket" of the Executive — diagnosing, teaching, coaching, and counseling the Executive, until new skills are learned, new techniques are mastered, new attitudes and behaviors are formed, and ultimately new, more desirous results are achieved.

Our objective is to...

Develop and optimize the communication and relationship skills in leaders so they can:

  • Develop and foster constructive relationships and partnerships with others.
  • Guide, motivate, influence, and inspire others with whom they come in contact.
  • Lead by example.
  • Speak confidently and persuasively — with passion.
  • Become an agent of transformation within their organization.