Guide to the Open-Enrollment Workshops

VoicePro communication skillsExecutive Presence is a trait universally sought after by leaders in all businesses and industries. Yet, not only is it difficult to define, but the question arises, “Is executive presence even attainable, or is it something a person is born with?”

Our experience tells us that the trait is attainable. We have found that through our unique process we can help business leaders obtain this highly elusive quality known as Executive Presence.

Our approach involves:

  1. Self-Awareness – learning how to understand and value the perceptions of others.
  2. Skill Development – building personal resources that will allow you to adapt and be successful in an array of challenging situations.
  3. Tailored Coaching – leveraging strengths and building new skill sets through the guidance of highly trained, professional coaches.

How will you know you have been successful, and finally exude Executive Presence? When you are able to narrow the gap between what you intend to convey and what your behavior actually does convey to others. 

Executive Presence can translate differently to different individuals, organizations and even industries. We know what it is—and can teach you to convey it in just two days…

Executive Presence: Speak! Present! Influence!® – These are the skills needed to deliver a powerful and persuasive message. Learn how to have a confident yet relaxed physical presence. Master vocal presence and build a voice that conveys confidence and credibility. Effectively design a message that is both strategic and persuasive.

Executive Presence: Engaging Others™ – these are the skills that allow you to connect with people. Learn how to stay centered and strong throughout challenging interactions; pull others towards your point of view; and adapt your behavior to build trust and influence.

Additional services offered:

Executive/Private Coaching - Partner with a VoicePro® Coach to change desired behaviors in half the time.

DISC Behavioral Assessment - Discover what your natural work and communication behaviors are. Learn how to adapt your style to create stronger relationships.