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The Distinct Advantage™

VoicePro Program

Using Interpersonal Power to Leverage Sales Skills

In this two-day workshop, sales professionals learn to leverage their already strong selling skills by developing an authentic personal style that gives them a distinct advantage over their competition.

Experienced instructors and coaches guide a small group of participants through activities and exercises designed to bring real-live sales experiences into the classroom. Participants work through their own issues and practice in simulated circumstances that match their own situations. Multiple video tapings provide evidence of improvement. In addition, they receive an individual one-on-one consultation with a VoicePro® coach during the course of the workshop.

As a result of this program, the participant benefits from an increase in poise, confidence and, of course, sales. The client or customer benefits from a stronger, more satisfying relationship with the salesperson and his or her organization. And the organization benefits from an immediate impact to the bottom line.

Participants learn to:

  1. Create a positive and lasting impression through the authentic power of their personal presence.
  2. Establish immediate rapport and maintain a personal connection with the client or customer throughout.
  3. Stay focused on client needs as they facilitate and guide the sales process to a desired conclusion.
  4. Deliver effective PowerPoint presentations that eliminate rote recitation, remaining instead both personal and conversational.
  5. Handle “in-the-moment" conflicts, questions and objections with ease and confidence.
  6. Incorporate examples and stories into their delivery for emotional appeal and maximum impact.

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