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Who is VoicePro®

At VoicePro®, we are teachers, coaches, and advisors in the personal skills of spoken communication. We exist to transform business professionals into business leaders with the power to impact the organization's goals.

Talent is commonplace; knowledge and expertise have become commodities in the workplace, but the ability to lead is a priceless asset. At VoicePro®, we rely on time-tested methods to instill the proficiencies and values of great leaders in those who come through our doors. We believe that, with resolve and good coaching, each and every individual can attain leadership status, and we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients shape their careers in new and exciting ways.

VoicePro® is a business that's more than a business. As a nationally recognized training center, we have been helping business and professional people harness their leadership potential since 1984. We work hand in hand with our clients, matching our programs to their goals in ways that not only meet the needs of their particular constituencies but also contribute strategically to their bottom line.