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About Our Corporate Workshops

VoicePro Program

At VoicePro® we offer a different approach to leadership development in the area of spoken communication. We do more than administer workshops to increase knowledge; we take a holistic approach to growth and behavioral change.

VoicePro® will work with your organization to design, develop and deliver programs and coaching that work towards building a unified voice that is integral to personal leadership and organizational success. Our goal is to work with individuals so that they are seen and heard within and outside the organization.

Categories of service as they relate to spoken communication:

  • Coaching
  • Program Design
  • Program Development
  • Program Delivery
  • Presentations

Behavioral Change  as they relate to program delivery:

  • Executive presence
  • Informal influencing and dialogue
  • Sales presence
  • Relationship building and managing conflict
  • Formal presentation
  • Balancing logic and emotion through storytelling and effective use of PowerPoint

We offer original workshops in both a custom onsite format, and open enrollment at VoicePro’s corporate offices. All programs listed can be run as client site workshops.

Open enrollment or client site workshops:

Workshops offered at the client site only:

The Executive Presence Series:

Additional service offered in conjunction with, or independent of previously listed programs:

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